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A message from Leo 

Hi everyone, 

Following a helpful meeting with the team at Endeavour Press, I now have more details about publishing arrangements for the newest Marnie Walker novel, ‘Witching Hour’. 

The whole Marnie Walker series is being published in e-book form by Endeavour Press, starting with ‘Getaway with Murder’. The first of this new run of digital publications will be available during May, and the others will follow in close succession. This means that ‘Witching Hour’ is to be published in time for the summer holidays. 

Many readers have expressed sadness – even dismay – that ‘Witching Hour’ is being published electronically. I have good news. Endeavour Press will also be offering the book under the system known as Print-on-Demand. How does this work? You can order the novel as a paperback via the Amazon web site and it will be sent to you using that firm’s usual delivery method. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, this means that you should receive the book on the day following your order. For non-Prime users, delivery will take three to five working days. 

There is one further piece of good news. The print version of ‘Witching Hour’ will cost roughly the same as those published by Enigma Publishing. You will shortly be able to pre-order the new book through Amazon for delivery as soon as it is published. 

Please note that Print-on-Demand by Endeavour Press only applies to ‘Witching Hour’. The other ten titles will continue to be available until further notice from Enigma Publishing and can be ordered through this web site or from good booksellers. 

I’m delighted to be able to clarify these details as I have had many requests for further information in recent months. I hope you will agree that this is a positive outcome. 

As always I wish you all happy reading!